About Us.

Our Restaurant Is A Collective Of Amazing People Striving To Build Delightful Syrian Cuisine.

Welcome to Sham Restaurant. Sham is also known as bilad al sham which is located in the east of the Mediterranean Sea. The Sham region is defined as the area that was dominated by Damascus, capital of Syria. Our refined Syrian cuisine is located in Downtown hull, 5 minutes away from Ottawa Downtown. We bring to your plate the taste of Syria, introducing our variety of Sham Shawarma, Falafel & BBQ Grill. Our Syrian Style Shawarma is hard to compare with anything else in the area.

Great splits of juicy, chopped chicken roast all day, turning slowly. We love to share with you the happy moments, which is why we have introduced our Catering services and reservation options for your events. Our Syrian Cuisine is known for flavor, richness, variety and strange combinations, that no other restaurant has reached.


Restaurant Amenities

Free WiFi

Shisha Zone

Live Music


"I discovered this hidden gem by my work place and decided to give it a try, and boy was I just blown away. I ordered the donair platter and the rice was well-seasoned and the potatoes just had the right amount of crisp. Usually shawarma joints add that sweet sauce for donair meat but this one added balsamic vinegar to it which I found intriguing. Overall, was very pleased with my lunch time experience and would definitely go back! Oh yeah, and before I forget, they have a secret menu that you need to ask for! What's on it I won't disclose so you have to find out yourself."
- Brian Lee​

Some of Our Favorite Dishes

Kibbeh Nayyeh



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