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Syrian Specialities

Great Food | Great Time

Healthy & Tasty

Our food doesn't just taste good, but is good for you. Come in today, and see how much better you feel after tasting a meal.

Fresh & Authentic

All of our food is made fresh, with no added preservatives. Come and enjoy authentic Syrian cuisine.

Excellent Experience

Yes we provide food services, but more importantly we offer everyone that comes through our doors a great experience they can't forget.

Great Food | Great Time



Bringing to you a taste of Syria

Welcome to Sham Restaurant. Sham is also known as bilad al sham which is located in the east of the Mediterranean Sea. The Sham region is defined as the area that was dominated by Damascus, capital of Syria.


Our Specialties

Bringing to life a true taste of Syria. Our fresh, authentic cuisine promises to be an incredible addition to any and all occasions. Take a look at some of our extravagant meals.

Kibbeh Nayyeh

Beef fritters, stuffed with ground beef, pine nuts & Mediterranean spices



Falafel Grilled in a special bread with veggies.



Filet of cured beef marinated in Sham special spices



Syrian style sausage infused with spices



Eggplants cooked in the oven topped with tomato sauce, onion and garlic with olive oil. Served at your choice of temperature




Food isn't the only thing we offer our customers, but an experience. Whether you're planning a birthday celebration, a surprise party, or a get together for your work, Sham Restaurant is an excellent location!

Great Food | Great Time

Happy Customers!

"Excellent service!! The food is very fresh, they have a great variety of dishes and the portions are generous! Huge shout out to the best garlic sauce ever! Highly recommend this place!!"

- Thais Pereira (Blogger)

"Very great experience trying Syrian cuisine for the first time ! The shawarma was very delicious with a nice crisp to the sandwich! The falafel was also very fresh and tasty, I would love to go back soon!"

- Sara Cheng (Blogger)

"100% the best Shawarma/Kabab We have ever had not only in Canada, but all around the world! Service was genuine and on point, certainly doesn’t feel transactional and it is conveniently located. Ask for their house crispy bread and Mtabal on the side and thank me later:) I am soo happy and proud that Sham Restaurant is in our city."

- JD

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